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Luxury Limitless leverages The Luxury Marketing Council brand into a global powerhouse of luxury marketing, becoming the global thought-leader. This is done in three phrases: building the infrastructure in terms of personnel and procedures, secondarily by creating new products and services that offer monetary benefits to all parties, and thirdly by continuing to grow the network of chapters both domestically and internationally.
Objectives of Luxury Limitless
  • To knit The Luxury Marketing Council brand, individual chapters, contacts and affiliations and venture ideas into a sum bigger than its parts… becoming Luxury Limitess.
  • To leverage and share the knowledge base within The Luxury Marketing Council
  • To create value-add opportunities for all players
  • To expand The Luxury Marketing Council membership, reach, and brand awareness globally
  • To increase the ROI and/or ROIC (Return on Investment Capital) of all parties involved: Founder, Investors and Licensee/Partners (L/Ps)
  • To continue building an organization that is strong, sustaining and allows for an exit strategy with financial benefit for the Founder, Investors and Licensee/Partners
Mission Statement of Luxury Limitless
To continue to be the global thought-leader in luxury marketing - leading the way in marketing research, education, connections, resources.
Benefits and Services offered by Luxury Limitless:
  • Special Event Design Services
  • Partnerships and Collaboration Services
  • CEO Forums and Global Introducing Broker Services
  • Educational Speakers through Public Relations Services
  • Legal Services
  • Distributing electronic course materials related therewith via e-mail; Custom research (non downloadable webinars, white papers, courses provided through conferences)
  • Leadership Education (workshops, classes, courses, programs, non downloadable webinars, management and customer service) in the nature of educational conferences


For more information on the services and rate/fees for Luxury Limitless please contact Greg Furman at 917-562-0911 or [email protected]

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