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The Luxury Marketing Council


For 25 Years Having Served More Than 2,500 Luxury Brands 10,000 CEO's and CMO's in 60 Cities Worldwide

We have created The Young Luxury Marketers’ Council, in June 2011 designed to galvanize the community of fast-track, young luxury marketers, ages 25 to 39.

Before they were teenagers Gen Y (those born after 1977) had computers and technology in their lives. They grew up finding comfort and ease in integrating technology into their work and social lives: mobile applications, social networks, iPads and Galaxy tablets, GPS, Skype/video conferencing, webinars and smart phones.  All part of this generation’s common language. For top management today, Gen Y is now one of the most important sources of intelligence on the rapidly changing shape of marketing.

Our vision is to provide young luxury marketers with a business and social network of like-minded, future leaders having similar intellectual and professional backgrounds; cultivate long-lasting relationships; provide a forum for a vibrant exchange of ideas and a platform for profit-generating collaborations and partnerships.

For Information About Joining The Young Luxury Marketers’ Council, Please Contact:

Chris Olshan, [email protected], 717-725-6175 

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