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  • Virtual Round Table Luncheons: A two-hour virtual meeting. The opportunity, real-time to "brainstorm" marketing challenges with our c-suite Luxury Marketing Council members. A very powerful moderated working session that provides frank and creative feedback from the most experienced luxury marketers. Few, if any, organizations can offer convenient and timely access to the best, critical and creative thinking of seasoned luxury marketers "on demand".


Prefaced by a pre-interview briefing with you to help us better understand your brand, key strategies, segment trends, issues and best marketing practices: a half-hour video interview, promoting individual executives, fully produced and edited, sent to our entire global database, posted on our global website with copy to you for use in media relations and internal communications.

  • Conversations With Leaders in Luxury: A 30-minute one-on-one interview conducted by Global CEO Chris Olshan to showcase you as a leader in luxury, promoting you and your company.
  • History and Heritage: A 30-minute one-on-one interview conducted by Global CEO Chris Olshan showcasing the history of the brand.
  • Luxury Learnings 101: A 30-minute one-on-one interview conducted by Global CEO Chris Olshan educating:
    • Best customers to help them better understand why luxury products, services are well worth the price, given the quality of design and craftsmanship. What Mr. Stanley Marcus called ‘...the impact of the hand – the best that the mind of man can imagine and the hand of man create...”
    • New Employees to help them better understand the ever-changing luxury market and customer.


  • Designing/writing/sending to 8,500+ c-suite executives in New York, all Council members and prospective members.

    Our CEO’s/Chairman’s personal introduction, warming the call for your organization to our global community.

    Including your choice of promotional materials, special limited-time offers, the ability to offer discounts and unique buying opportunities. And any other ideas on possible partnerships/collaborations.

  • We can, upon request, send additional promotional email campaigns throughout the duration of your membership.
  • Additional Campaigns Include:
    • Invitations to member-hosted events.
    • Any company update you feel our community should know about.
    • Thought Leadership: Showcasing your executive team’s whitepapers, bylines, speeches, latest research, reports, articles, and relevant company news coverage.
    • Marketing Campaigns: Consulting on design and writing for up to six emails to our member/prospect list to heighten awareness and inspire targeted brands to work closely with yours.


  • Access to our global website: For the top five decision makers of your choice, personal usernames and passwords will be provided. (For non-members, subscriptions to the website cost $300 per person, per year).
  • Our global website includes event calendars for each chapter city, access to previously-recorded interviews with CEOs, CMOs, and global thought leaders, comprehensive member lists for chapters and more.
  • Our “Library of Congress,” a virtual library which includes more than 10,000 articles, benchmark reports, custom research and white papers from leaders in the industry on every facet of the always-changing luxury market and best customer.
  • We will create a corporate member profile for you, add your hyperlinked logo to the global homepage of our website, and promote you in our new member section. Promotion of any special offers or other opportunities to work with member brands.

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