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About John S Hamel, Jr

John Stenner Hamel, Jr. is an American businessman and entrepreneur.  He has held executive positions with some of America’s most powerful and prominent financial institutions and major corporations in the United States.  Through his work in New York and business travel to Europe, Asia and Africa, Hamel has been actively involved with some of the top brands in the world.  He is enthusiastic to bring his rich background ranging from small start-up ventures to the world’s largest corporations to the Luxury Marketing Council.

John Hamel Jr.  started his career as a Legislative Aid to the Chairman of the Taxation Committee in the Boston State House which enabled him to interface with constituent needs, providing service and establishing relationships with people which he believes is the true backbone of government and companies.  Hamel then moved into business development and marketing for a Cambridge start-up Biotech company that was developing cutting edge technology in agriculture, HIV and DNA testing.

Hamel’s financial career started with The Chase Manhattan Private Bank Family Office Group in New York where he served ultra-high net worth families, whose needs went far beyond asset management.  His role at the bank interfaced with their needs of philanthropic planning, not to mention wealth advisory, family governance, financial planning, trusts and estate planning. A highlight of his time tenure at JPMorgan Chase & Co. was helping build the bank’s brand recognition through their promotion of corporate events and sports sponsorships.

At New York Life Insurance Company, the nation’s largest mutual life insurer with more than $600 billion in assets under management, Mr. Hamel was responsible for the business content and development of their incentive programs, production of events and execution of high-profile meetings.  Hamel interfaced with some of the top major brands in the world in the sectors of hospitality, hotels and resorts, entertainment, philanthropy, arts, restaurants, business and communications.  His collaboration with teams within the Agency operation advanced the growth of their business in key market segments, including the middle-income market, the advanced (high-net-worth) market, select cultural markets, and the women’s markets.  “I had a wonderful opportunity to work with an iconic 175-year-old brand, that has always been there for Americans and their policy holders.”

His career has been an exciting journey and coming home to his roots in New England begins a wonderful new chapter.  Boston is the birthplace of democracy in America, rich in history and tradition and the home to many iconic brands.  “Entrepreneurship is rooted in his DNA.”  Hamel’s maternal grandmother was one of the first women to own a children’s clothing store in the 1930’s.  His maternal grandfather owned his own market, and quietly during the depression and war, fed many local families.  His paternal grandfather and his siblings became a major producer of leather goods for the shoe industry during the first half of the twentieth century with headquarters in Haverhill and sales office in Boston.  By 1928, the company was the largest producer of shoe linings in the United States.

Hamel looks forward to moving from his active involvement with the national chapter to a leadership position in Boston.  His goal is to bring Boston companies together to share trends and best marketing practices and to inspire luxury brands to more creatively and profitably work together.  His strong belief in networking, diplomacy and collaboration will inspire new members and build a vital branch of the organization.

The year ahead will call on luxury brands to evolve and adapt in accordance with the changing societal landscape.  Amid the uncertainties and unknowns brought on by the COVID-19, one thing is clear: the pandemic has permanently changed, deepened and solidified consumer’s behaviors, creating new imperatives for all luxury brands.  In the challenging present climate, luxury companies are fighting to maintain the allure of scarcity while pushing for ever-increasing production.  The stories luxury brands tell will thus be more grounded in authenticity and inspire us to live more consciously.  This emphasis on value-led experiences will create new opportunities to engage with affluent consumers by making a meaningful contribution to their lifestyles while driving positive change in the world.

In Boston, behind every great brand, there are a lot of passionate, enthusiastic and forward-thinking individuals who lead that brand.  They are creating products that are designed for life, to live across generations.  To beat the competition today, brands must stay alert to new trends on both digital and physical fronts.  As luxury companies become globalized, it is becoming harder to demonstrate authenticity, heritage and craftsmanship, three of the main drivers of luxury consumption which have a history here in New England.  Despite all the uncertainty of this new normal, Hamel believes brands that spot opportunities where others only see challenges, will not only survive but thrive in the new normal.

Mr. Hamel is a devoted family man and proud father of two children, Caroline and Jack.  He is a strong believer in giving back to the community providing human capital that truly helps others where you can make a difference immediately.  Close to his heart are organizations that service the homeless and those in need, helping patients effected by Cancer, families with child and parental abuse, and groups that work with the elderly and challenged.  Hamel’s mission statement “to lead a well-blended life”.  Hamel studied history and economic courses at the University of London and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Merrimack College.