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Custom Cabinetry

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From the Tree to the Home

# 3 in our "How it's Made" Series

Nowhere else in the home is the craftsman’s touch more clearly evident than in custom cabinetry. While the untutored eye can be readily appeased by the store-bought option, to the home owner who seeks unrivalled beauty coupled with precise functionality, built on a platform of the finest quality materials and construction, the custom option is the only option.

In this, the 3rd in the behind-the-scenes “How It’s Made” series, we visit the custom cabinetry shop of the renowned Bay Area contractor, Muratore Corp. and learn the insider’s answers to the following questions:

Design – Can anything I imagine or desire be built by a custom shop?
Function – What function can I build/incorporate inside my cabinetry?
Materials – What wood species is best for my project application?
Construction – What kind of craftsmanship is involved at a custom level?
Timing – What is a typical timeline from shop drawings to installation of finished cabinets?
Cost – What is the ideal cost range for a high-end kitchen, vanity, bookcase, TV wall?
In this compelling shop tour and presentation, Muratore’s craftsmen cabinetmakers will be joined by expert representatives from Exotic Hardwoods + Veneers and fittings leader, Blum.

Special note: Attendees will receive select workplace samples and guides for their take-home use.